Innate Sound

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."
Richard Wormstall

With over 20 years of experience, my musical style draws from Spanish, Middle Eastern, Classical, Jazz and Blues backgrounds. I focus on creating a romantic feeling with emotional and artistic overtones.

"Richard's guitar playing transported us to another time & place. The mood he set for our wedding was out of this world." Jamie Lacker, Oakland, CA

I can sculpt my playing to your requests and excel at reading the mood of an event, playing music that will accentuate the feeling. I use a more intuitive and improvisational style than most traditional guitar players, often playing my own compositions. I play music from the heart. I am available for weddings, ceremonies, private parties and corporate events.

Richard WormstallMy musical history started way before the first guitar was handed to me, with me putting my ear next to my father's piano as he played, being mesmerized by the sensation of my body. I knew in that very moment that music would - one way or the other - play a central role in my life. In the 20 years of experiencing music through the guitar, I have found that no matter what the particular style of music I am playing is, I continually seek to be mesmerized, transformed, enchanted,   …"carried away" to some other place within me. No other mode of being has brought me closer to my authentic self, and it is from this place in me that I want to bring music into the world.

It is my desire to touch people's hearts with my music and encourage them to be "carried away" from their ordinary state of being, to a place of enchantment. That said, I have encountered many different modes of the guitar that support this resonance, ranging from Classical to Spanish, from Jazz to Eastern, and Folk to Blues. Rather than playing pre-written songs, I choose the intuitive, improvisational route that adjusts to the mood of the moment in order to enhance the experience, bring out its fullest potential. This continually challenges me to be present to the ambiance of the setting. It is my belief that only by being authentically present while playing my instrument, can I bring the gift that is uniquely mine to this world.

My strength lies in creating an atmosphere - a backdrop of music - that supports the emotional landscape of the moment. Having played with countless musicians in my life, I have come to see that music is about the ability to listen to others, to feel into your surroundings before making a sound. I hope to bring this quality to as many people as possible, and can honestly say that my experience of playing at weddings, graduation ceremonies, meditation circles, and for friends has brought me tremendous amounts of joy. Music is my life and the center of my being.